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Manufacturing of Panels 

The use of panels and structures sandwiches allows, in front of applications realized usually in traditional materials, to reduce the operating cost thanks to a notable decrease of the weight, the logical consequence of the improvement of the mechanical performances.

Principle: 2 resistant skins stuck on both  sides by a soul of low density.

Manufacturing: assembly of elements between them by cold or hot sticking and under pressure. Parts can be flat (manufacturing in the press) or in shape (manufacturing with equipment of shape or vacuum)


Plates carbon

fabrication-plaque decoupe
Manufacturing of plates carbon to order
Dimensions up to 4000 mm x 2000 mm
Cuts and manufacturing of plates
In the demand and in the dimensions which you wish (minimum 100 mm x 100 mm).
Manufacturing of any forms, following plans supplied by yourself.


2013-10-16-15-19-21 photo-25-08-2016-12-42-42 interrupteur
Equipment carbon for the aeronautics Slice carbon of 20mm Hides switch


photo-01-09-2016-10-47-49 2013-12-06-08-24-52 p1070145 four-solaire
Trays of service in carbon (before finish)

Panels sandwich

Rooms for montain bike Element for solar furnace in carbon and nest of bee Nomex



  • Dressed panel of facade alu, stainless steel, PC, PVDF, granite
  • Panel isolating for partition and ceiling
  • Paving stones of ground
  • Carry cup fire


  • Panels of crossing.
  • Panels of retaining structure


  • Reinforcements carbon for saddles and rackets with snow
  • Frame for drones and radio-controlled cars


  • Hide switch
  • Dressing store


  • Tray of machine
  • Frame
  • Casing / sound damping of machine
moules renforts-carbone chariots-pediatriques
Molds Reinforcements-carbon wagons Pediatric wagon panel
panneau-sandwich legende
Panel sandwich Panel sandwich aluminium